At a time of challenge in the book trade with aggressive discounting from online retailers causing many books shops to close, Christian Publishing is very much a success story. With the growth in Church communities, there is an increasing demand for books which gives a Christian perspective to the many challenges of living in a secular society where Faith and Values are very much in the spotlight. Filament Christian Publishing which was founded in 1999 to meet this need and we at Roy Francis Productions have now teamed up with this publishing house heading up their Christian division.

Below is a sample of books published by Filament Christian Publishing. Please email or call us if you would like your book published
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Filament Christian Publishing

Take the time first to understand who you are and everything else will fall into place. That’s the message of this very practical book to succeed by Mona Lisa Chukuma.

Define Yourself is a practical guide for developing and managing a powerful, compelling and enduring personal brand. This book cuts through the jargon and confusion around what personal branding is about and gets to the heart of the what, why and how of personal branding. Filled with inspiring quotes from others with strong personal brands, the book challenges and encourages you to overcome any self or other imposed barriers and limitations, expand your vision, create a life of value and most importantly become your best self.

Filament Christian Publishing

Karlene began her career as a science teacher and later got involved in community work and counselling. She has worked extensively as a parent facilitator, trainer and counsellor in the UK, USA, Jamaica, Grenada and Trinidad for over 15 years.

Her powerful Empowerment for Parents programme is credited with changing lives and creating happier families. She was presented with the Millennium Award for it in 1999 and for her work with African Caribbean families.

Karlene’s autobiography He Speaks has been widely read and has spread her message that positive relationships, genuine love, and being attuned to the voice of God, is essential to building well-balanced adults. She has achieved all of this despite the challenge of living with Multiple Sclerosis.

In this book, she endeavours to enable her experience of living with MS for many years to be of benefit to others who may be starting out on what, at times, could prove to be a very difficult journey.


Filament Christian Publishing


Daily Manna is a compendium of daily devotional readings designed to draw the sincere seeker closer to God on a daily basis, through an insightful exposition and compelling analysis of the scriptures.

From his deep knowledge of the Bible, Pastor Kumuyi has carefully chosen manageable texts for each day’s reading and meditation. Secondly, the chosen text is examined in detail and developed with biblical and contemporary illustrations. Thirdly, the lesson is applied to real-life situations to enable readers to receive divine instruction, admonition, counsel, warnings, encouragement and support. Finally, a daily thought is provided so that the chosen passage will linger in their mind throughout the day.


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