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This is a very readable book in which Roy tells a personal story of growing up in a Black Pentecostal home and how as part of the ‘Windrush’ generation, his parents, like many others from the Caribbean, came to Britain for a chance of a better life. He paints a vivid picture of the country they came to, explains how they lived, the problems they faced, the religious climate they found, the music they came with, and how as  Christians, they started the churches that laid the foundation of the Black Pentecostal Church experience in Britain.

In this timely and topical book, Roy also tells another equally important migration that took place in Britain when  Africans started coming into Britain. He explains why they came, highlight the success they’ve had in growing their churches, list some of their key features, contrast this with the earlier Caribbean experiences and consider what is likely to happen with this church community in the future. This is a timely book which shines a light on an area of British religious life rarely written about, but one that’s been a great success story, -the Caribbean and African Christian migration to Britain.





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  1. Roy Francis

    “There are few people better qualified to write on this subject than Roy Francis.
    I know this not just as a reader of this book but from personal experience as a UK gospel music artist and broadcaster. Roy personally guided me through nearly two decades of my career and the knowledge and history captured in this book is invaluable… ”Muyiwa Olarewaju– Gospel Artists & Station Director, ‘Premier Gospel’,

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