How to Make Gospel Music Work for You


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‘How to Make Gospel Music Work for You’  is an authoritative and informative guide to the historical background of UK gospel music, from the time West Indians set up their churches in Britain to the present day. This a book packed with  information, suggestions and practical advice on how gospel artists and musicians can make it in gospel music.



Let Roy guide you as he shares his vast inside knowledge and experience of gospel music. Let him show you in few easy steps how to make your album, market and promote it, write great songs, get your music into churches, get your songs heard, how to use social media to grow your music and how to avoid the pitfalls and disappointments of making music as an independent artist.

‘How to Make Gospel Music Work for You’ is for you if:

  • You want to know how to succeed with your music.
  • You are starting out in the music industry and need help.
  • You want to know how the UK Gospel music scene works.
  • You are already a Gospel music artist but is struggling with your music.   
  • You are interested in the history of Gospel music and want to know more about it.

‘How to Make Gospel Music Work for You’ is the definitive guide to the Gospel music scene in the UK.


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About Roy Francis

Today with the changing nature of the music business Roy Francis now spends most of his time working with artists in the development and production of their music, showing how to succeed with it in today's, digital internet and social media age.